Yellow Heart Bricks


These bricks are CNC machined from a solid billet of Yellow Heart and are sized to be compatible with industry standard bricks such as those made by LEGO®. These exotic wooden bricks are crafted from solid wood, with no stains or dies giving them a bright lemon yellow colorations. These bricks weigh in at ~ 3.5 grams compared to the standard LEGO® brick’s weight of just 2.5 grams.

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A burst of sunshine in your building endeavors. Meticulously crafted from Yellow Heartwood, cherished for its vibrant lemon-yellow hues, this LEGO® brick will bring a cheerful, bright energy to your creations. Elevate your building projects with the radiant Yellow Heart 2×4 Brick. Craft with optimism, build with a splash of color!

Yellowheart hails from Brazil and, as you might guess, features a rich yellow color. This prized yellow wood is often used in flooring and boat building, and is used very often as an accent. No woods match the consistent, vibrant yellow that Yellowheart can produce.


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