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These bricks are CNC machined from a solid billet of Tellurium Copper and are sized to be compatible with industry standard bricks such as those made by LEGO®. These polished copper bricks are solid metal, giving them a heft not seen in standard bricks. These bricks weigh in at ~ 36 grams. That’s 14 times heavier than the standard LEGO® brick’s weight of just 2.5 grams!

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Copper was one of the first metals man learned to work. During the Chalcolithic period copper came in to predominate tool use far out pacing stone tools before the onset of the Bronze Age phased out copper tool usage. Copper has long since fallen out of favor for tool making thanks to its poor edge holding capabilities and soft, rather malleable nature.

Today copper is used primarily in electrical power lines and electronics as it is one of the best conductors of heat and electricity around. It has found new life in the electronics that power our everyday existence in the modern age. With out this OG metal, the Digital Age would simply not be possible. The Tellurium Copper alloy used in these bricks has fantastic machining properties and is often used for transformer and circuit-breaker terminals, welding torch tips, and fasteners.


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