Ziricote Bricks


These bricks are CNC machined from a solid billet of Ziricote and are sized to be compatible with industry standard bricks such as those made by LEGO®. These exotic wooden bricks are crafted from solid wood, with no stains or dies as this wood is naturally dark grey and black. These bricks weigh in at ~ 4.2 grams compared to the standard LEGO® brick’s weight of just 2.5 grams.

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A symphony of nature’s beauty and craftsmanship. This LEGO® compatible brick will bestow your creations with the timeless allure of the dark and mysterious Ziricote, celebrated for its dramatic dark brown to black hues and distinctive grain. Elevate your building experience with the extraordinary Ziricote 2×4 Brick. Craft with the essence of elegance, build with the swagger of the exotic!

Ziricote is famous for it’s “landscape” grain pattern, which swirls and billows much like an ancient Chinese landscape painting. It is a very hard, dense wood that is prone to tear out during the brick-making process, which makes it a giant pain to work with, but the results speak for themselves. The dark swirling grain patterns make Ziricote bricks some of the most beautiful bricks we produce.


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